KAP has surcome to the Dark Side of the Force. Although his long time friend JB has sensed this change, the events leading up to it is unknown to him. Both Jedi learned the ways of the Force under separate masters, but have had many lessons and learning experiences together. They share a special bond not only due to these experiences, but also due to their origins. Not only are they from Stoughtonia, but they are from the same settlement, plus they are the same age. Through this special bond, they both can sense the other over extreme distances when either experiences intense emotions or pain. Now JB can sense that KAP now burns with the Dark Side. JB dispatches immediately, letting their bond, and the Force, guide him to KAP, in order to try and revert him back to the Light side...

      Traveling in his modified transport, The Elsenor, JB tracks down KAP to the remote world of Mattazard. But KAP is very much aware of JB's arrival, and has planned for this moment. He is ready to confront his old friend, to either bring him over to the Dark Side with him, or destroy him.

      Immediately upon setting down in a clearing, JB can sense the dark presence of KAP, but is unable to pinpoint his exact whereabouts. It was as if KAP was all around him. The planet teemed with life, but no sentient life inhabited it. KAP is a Jedi well know for his unique ability to understand cultures and new races through the combination of their communications (be that speech or artwork) and their architecture and building techniques. This has help him become famous for diplomatic missions to not only settle disputes, but also in the rare occasion of first contact with new races. Of course with such abilities, it also has made him an expert in espionage missions, with the combination of his non-Jedi ability with understanding technologies and computer systems. Due to KAP's prominent Jedi trait, JB dismissed it being his doing; it had to be something else.

      JB is one of the few Jedi that is in-tune with how nature interacts with the Force. Through the Force, he can easily understand how different organisms interact with each other, what they eat, how they reproduce, and in some cases with semi-sentient species, what they think. With this ability, JB has become one of the leading scientific minds for not only the Jedi, but for the Republic. For nearly every new settlement and settlement expansion, he is usually the one who examines that locals wildlife, and can determine quickly if the construction will disrupt the ecological balance in that particular ecosystem. But as well, JB can use the Force that is emitted by these organisms to help energize himself and expand his senses, which is a great help in battles.

      But given this ability, why cannot JB track down KAP's exact position? With the ability to read what organisms can see and sense, this should be quick. Suddenly, JB remembers what his former master, Kraus Beal-Adi, had once said. "All Jedi have the ability to sense the Force in all ways." She said in her stereo Ithorian voice. "It all depends on their concentration and discipline. Though all Jedi have a prominent trait that they are strong in, we all have the ability in us to learn all features of the Force. Of course, those who stray to the Dark Side, can learn these traits through its tainted and seductive powers." Now JB knows that KAP has picked up this ability to mask his presence with the area wildlife. As JB turns around, KAP is approaching from the woods.

"About time you figured it out" KAP said. "I thought you may have gotten a little soft."

"Lead me here to show me this new ability of yours?" JB commented.

"Ha! We could have lead you anywhere, or even come to you! But we came here so I could have your complete attention."

      Suddenly KAP disappeared. JB could no longer sense him. Behind JB came the distinct snap-hiss sound of an igniting lightsaber. KAP had used a high tech hologram to trick him! Quickly JB turned around, igniting his own green blade just in time to block a number of quick swipes. Backing off, JB notices that KAP has constructed himself a new lightsaber, a blue bladed weapon.

      "Very impressive!" KAP commented. "You always were good defending yourself, but now try this!" KAP uses the Force to pull a second hidden lightsaber from the woods. It was an identical saber to the one he already was wielding. Indeed KAP has become very powerful, as JB feared.

      The two old friends engage in a deadly battle. JB barely is able to defend the assault, even though he has opened himself up to the Force powers from all the surrounding organisms. But he wonders, how did KAP surcome to the Dark Side, and what does he mean by "we"? Would he be able to survive long enough to find out, or would he be left no other choice but to defeat his old friend? Or is there another motive behind this all this?






© 2001 Keith A. Paquette