• EV-9D9 body
  • Sculpey
  • Paper clip
  • Wire (unsheathed)
  • Gloss clearcoat
  • Black, silver, blue, and white paint


Use either a dremmel style tool or an x-acto knife to hollow out the face area of EV-9D9. Also cut off the "bug eyes" and other stuff off the back of the head too. Drill a small hole on the left side of the hollowed out area. Smooth out areas with sculpey (avoiding the hole you just drilled) and cure. Cut a small piece of a paper clip and push into the hole in face. Now cut a longer piece of the paper clip, and bend to the curve of the head. Affix to head using three spots of Sculpey as shown. Now glue a small piece of unsheathed wire to the lowest spot and bend so the opposite end goes into the gap behind the neck. Now paint the entire body black. Paint a few areas on the arms and legs silver, plus paint a small silver square around the piece of paper clip in the face. Make two blue dots on the other side of the hollowed out area. Paint Sculpey stops on head white. Now seal with a coat of gloss varnish, and you now have your very droid to oversee all droid involved in the construction of the second Death Star.




© 2001 Keith A. Paquette