Bob Hudsol

Bob Hudsol


  • Ponda Baba legs, jacket, and arms
  • Rebel Fleet Trooper hands
  • Nien Nunb chest
  • Ikira head (Xyber 9)
  • Small square of plastic from blister bubble
  • Sculpey
  • Burnt umber (the darker brown),
    nutmeg brown, sandstone, flesh, gray, white, black, silver, and dark blue paint


Paint torso burnt umber while separate, then attach head and arms (cut off Ponda Baba hands before, and attach human style hands, with or without articulation if you choose!) with jacket over torso, as well attach legs. Now paint jacket/arms sandstone, then paint nutmeg brown over shoulder. Also paint legs nutmeg brown. Before attaching head, trim down pony tail and mustache off Ikira head. Use Sculpey to increase hair to sideburns, cover up where pony tail was, and sculpt correct styled mustache! Use black, gray, and white paints on hair and mustache. Paint skin with flesh paint. Paint eye area white, and use black for pupils, eyelid, and eye brows. Cut a piece of acetate a small square. Paint one side silver, then affix to jacket on right side. Then paint dots with dark blue. Now use matte varnish to seal, and you are ready to command fighter squadrons against the Death Star!!!




© 2001 Keith A. Paquette