Noval Garaint

Noval Garaint

Side View

Back View


  • Snowtrooper legs (knee and below)
  • Nick legs (waist to above knees from Godzilla)
  • Lance torso (Voltron)
  • Stormtrooper arms (shoulder to elbow)
  • Hoth Rebel trooper arms (elbow to below)
  • S.T.A.R. Corps head
  • Battle Droid backpack
  • Rocket parts from Boba Fett's backpack
  • Twist ties (like what comes with Star Wars stuff)
  • Pegs from an Ultrarama display
  • Sculpey
  • Ends of thumb-tacks
  • Superglue
  • Matte varnish
  • Black, country gray, brown, silver, white, and red paint


Lots of work here. Attach the Snowtrooper legs (lower half) to the Godzilla legs (upper half). Make sure you arrange them properly so that the feet are level and it can stand on it's own. Use the points from thumb-tacks to attach the leg parts together for added strength, glueing with superglue. Fill in voids at the joint with sculpty and cure. Take the stormtrooper arms (upper half) and Hoth trooper arms (lower half) and attach together using the same method as the legs, except you should be able to get them together with little to no void, use some more glue to fill little voids, avoid using sculpty here. Take the Lance torso, break the chest from the back, and remove the shoulder pads, making the shoulder area smooth. Get the appropriate S.T.A.R. Corps head, and trim down the top parts. Then use Sculpty to build up a smooth head, and sculpt the design at the forhead. Also, you will have to reverse the mouth part as seen. Plus you need to trim down the post of the head since it is too big. At this point attach all these parts back together in such a way that the arms and waist can still move. Fill in any voids in the torso seams with sculpty, and well use it to smooth out the area where you trimmed the shoulders, and cure. Now paint all parts as seen. Take the Battle droid back pack, and trim so that it will fit on back tightly. Attach the rocket parts off Boba's backpack with glue, and then glue backpack to body. Form some twist ties to body to make the straps of the backpack, glue these to the backpack and body. Paint backpack and straps as seen. Take a few of the pegs for 3-3/4 inch figures from an Ultrarama display. Use the smaller half, cut from the larger part. Paint as seen, and attach to bady as seen with glue. Seal with matte varnish on all areas, and now you are ready to conduct espionage missons for the Empire a la REBELLION!!!





© 2001 Keith A. Paquette