Rodian Pod Racer Mechanic

Rodian Pod Racer Mechanic


  • Han Carbonite waist and legs
  • AT-ST drive chest
  • Luke Bespin arms
  • POTF2 Rebel Fleet Trooper vest
  • CommTech Greedo head and hands
  • Matte clearcoat
  • Mosaic green, navy blue, and brown paint


This guy can be seen a few times in Episode 1. Once there are two of them working on someone's pod, and the other time is after Anakin wins the race, he is off to the left of the screen clapping. I figured since he was part of some racer's pit crew, I gave him the veiw screen from the accessory pack and Mechanic Chewie's welding tool. Basically just boil and pop the parts and assemble as you see. I trimmed off the pockets off the arms, and sculptied over to smooth, then cure. Paint and seen, then seal with matte clearcoat. Attach the head and hands with superglue, and you're all set to watch your pod racer lose and a slave boy win!




© 2001 Keith A. Paquette