Sith Sentry Statues

Sith Sentry

Sith Sentry


  • Assorted spare parts
  • Red lightsabers
  • Matte clearcoat
  • Pewter Grey, light gray, white, black, burnt sienna, toffee, and black paint


These are based on the statues that come to life in the game Mysteries of the Sith. There were two different colors of each, and I assembled these two close to them. Basically assemble whatever parts you want to use, yet make sure they look similar to a Jedi. I painted them completely one color, either the pewter grey or burnt sienna. Then I took light gray, black, and white for the one painted pewter gray, and greatly diluted them with a few drops of water off a brush. Then I held the brush in front of my mouth over the figure, and blew through the brush. This gave it the speckled look that granite has. I did the same with the toffee and black paint for the other figure. Then I sealed them with matte clearcoat. Paint the hilt of the sabers to match the individual figures. And there ya go!!!!!!!!!




© 2001 Keith A. Paquette