Lando Calrissian- Vampire Hunter

Lando, Vampire Hunter


  • Prince Xixor body
  • Lando head and hands
  • Endor Han Solo coat
  • 2 small bred nails
  • Small finish screw
  • Small washer
  • Thin piece of sheet metal
  • Hot glue
  • Silver, steel, rubber, matte and glossy black paint


This one can get tricky with the sword and articulated hands. Chop off Xixor's hands. Paint Xixor's whole body and Han's coat matte black. Paint boots glossy black. Paint shoulder straps and belt buckle steel. Paint stomache rivets silver. Pop on Lando's head. Drill two small holes into Xixor's arms, about half as deep as the brads are long. Then push the striking(dull) end of the brads into the arms, leaving the pointed end sticking out just enough to push Lando's hands onto. Ta Da! Articulation! If you can find a good sword to use you're lucky. Cut a thin, long piece of sheet metal with metal shears. Carefully use pliers and a metal file to form a nice curve for the katana. Find a screw that can fit into Lando's hand. Glue the bottom of the blade into the slot in the head of the screw. Slip the washer over the blade and glue it to the screw head as a handle guard for the sword. Damn! That's alot of work.




© 2001 Keith A. Paquette