Commander Silver Fyre

Silver Fyre


  • Slave Leia body
  • Shakka arms (Watto's Box Cinema Scene)
  • Princess Allura head (Voltron)
  • Sculpey
  • Thin cotton fabric
  • Silver string
  • Superglue
  • Matte clearcoat
  • Black, red, flesh, white, yellow, and silver paint


Boil and pop off Leia's arms and head. Do the same to get Allura head and Shakka arms. Trim the pegs and pop in head and limbs. Cut out Leia's loin cloth. Sculpey over shoes to make boots. Sculpey over bikini top to make the halter top. Cure Sculpey. Paint boots white. Paint legs, gloves, and halter black. Use flesh paint to match head and body skin color. Paint silver dot in the middle of the chest. Paint the gold lines on the hips silver. Paint yellow designs on the side of each leg (note: you may have to paint white first then yellow).Brush on one layer of matte clearcoat. Cut cotton fabric for new loin cloths and paint red. Make folds and bend the top edge of the cloth in a 90 degree angle and superglue in the gap left by the Slave Leia loin cloth. Take the silver string and make loop for necklace.


This character is from the original Marvel Comics Star Wars series. She was a former smuggling colleague of Han and Chewy's. She went on to become the leader of the Aquarius Freeholders, one of the largest mercenary gangs in the galaxy. After the Battle of Yavin she joined the Alliance. (source: Star Wars Encyclopedia)




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