Q & A with Kristoffer A. Silver

My name is Kristoffer A. Silver. As many of you already know, I created Silver Wolf back in 1984. All my life I have wanted to be involved in creating, publishing and writing. It was through a fortuitous combination of circumstances that allowed me to do so. Comics just happened to be the medium through which I was able to begin expressing myself. Anyway, I am getting a bit sidetracked here. I understand you have a few questions for me. I am more than happy to answer them. So, onto the Q & A's.

1) What have you been up to since Greater Mercury Comics ceased operations?

I reinstated the Silver Wolf logo and went on to begin production again. The new comic line was prepared for production as were a number of other products, mostly games and movie scripts. Some of you, those involved in collectible card games, may have been aware of the Terror: Mandibles series I released. I produced 1200 boxes and sold completely out of the wholesale stock. I only have a few remainders of singles, uncut sheets, less than a dozen starter decks and a few hundred booster packs. I was pleased with the product's success, but Wargames West, my distributor, fell into financial straights. There was no reason to enforce a contract on a company which was already having difficulties. Unfortunately, this also meant that all my projects had to placed on the back burner. That's where they've been waiting.

In addition, I have been writing novels in the interim and am preparing for the release of more than ten novels in the next year. They have been ready, it's now time to go to production. Of the lot, "Martin Kane" is one of the series titles.

2) Last time I heard, the Silverwolf line was over, and I shouldn't expect to see anything more. Is this no longer the case? If not, that's great. Please let me know what's going on with this.
- Jon Milstein and many others

Hardly. As long as I live there will be a Silver Wolf line. The product line I have planned is tight and strong. One of the reasons that it hasn't been released is that I have definite ideas of how I want to begin releasing again. I do not want to play the start-stop game ever again. This new line needs to start and continue for as long as I wish to keep it going.

3) I'd like to be an artist or writer for SilverWolf Comics. Are you looking for talent? Where should I send my resume', writing, or portfolio samples?
- Paraphrased from many fans, artists, and writers

Send any portfolios to:
   K. Silver
   PO Box 1285
   Pollock Pines, California 95726

Please keep in mind that we are not rushing into production right away. We will be taking our time and getting back into production carefully. So, it may be a few months before you receive a reply. Include an email address and I will send an email to let you know that I received your portfolio.

4) Were the two volumes of The Secret Files of S.O.U.R.C.E. ever published?
- Richard Paulk and Adrian

Good question. Not officially. I did not receive enough orders to go to press with the full print run. I should point out that I was interested in including statistics so that everything found in the S.O.U.R.C.E. books could be transferred and used in my RPG system "Holocaustic Dungeons." I will release the S.O.U.R.C.E. books on their own and may release them before the actual new line is released. This would make them available through my web site.

5) Where would be the best place to locate those hard to find books to complete our sets?
- Richard Paulk

If you having difficulty finding any of my items through your retailer, and I understand that after fifteen years many of the earlier items are becoming increasingly difficult to locate, then by all means, go through my web site at Silver Wolf Home Page

If you have any questions concerning items or contacting me, feel free to ask Keith. He'll be maintaining contact with me and, along with his web site, will be one of the first to know what is happening at the new Silver Wolf Company.

6) I remember after SilverWolf stopped and GMC started that the timeline did not pick-up where the old series ended. They picked up several years later in "real time." Will any future releases also take this approach?

Yes. All the lines will take on this approach. This will allow for quality evolution of the characters. In addition, all time missed, as between the original Silverwolf series and GMC, will be addressed. That is, the original series from Silverwolf will be finished as will the original GMC tales. There is a lot to fill in and much of it will be filled in within the first few years of production. Thereafter, as requests and interest grows, we will continue to fill in origins and missing time.

I am certain there are many questions you may have out there. I will answer them as Keith provides them. In addition, I will post new releases, upcoming projects, new artists, writers, etc., on his web site. Sample artwork and other material will also be forwarded to his site. Stay in touch. I look forward to chatting with everyone here from time to time and I do appreciate the support you've given me over the years. It's made it all worthwhile.

~ Kristoffer A. Silver

If you have a good question for Kristoffer, and would like it to appear in a future Q & A column, please send them to me at:


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