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Note: The following is from a tutorial I made that is also posted at FFURG. This tutorial's screenshots are from a Macintosh computer using Photoshop 5. Things may look slightly different in PC but the basic commands are the same. Use similar methods with other programs.

Part 1: Preparing Character Picture

1.) Open Photoshop

2.) Open the picture of the character you wish to place on your template. See screen shot.

3.) If the picture is not a Photoshop document, double click the highlighted background in the Layers window on the right side of the screen. A dialog box appears. Click OK. See screen shot.

4.) Select the Eraser from the Toolbar.

5.) Select brush size from the window on the right.

6.) Erase around the character's figure by clicking and dragging. Use different brush sizes when necessary. See screen shot.

7.) Select the Lasso from the Toolbar.

8.) Click, hold and drag, on part of the picture you want to get rid of, to make a complete "circle" and release. A selection has been made. See screenshot.

9.) Press Delete to remove the area in the selection. Repeat until the area to be removed is completely gone. To remove a selection, go to the menu SELECT-->DESELECT.

10.) Save this document as a Photoshop document.

Part 2: Adding Picture to Template

1.) Have the character picture you have prepared open and active. Also have the template you have downloaded from KAP or FFURG open in the background.

2.) From the menu SELECT-->ALL.

3.) From the menu EDIT-->COPY.

4.) Make the template the active window. From the menu EDIT-->PASTE. See screen shot.

5.) Use the Zoom tool to find a comfortable working size.

6.) Select the Move tool from the Toolbar.

7.) Click, hold and drag the character picture you have placed on the template over the designated frame.

8.) Adjust the size the the picture. From the menu EDIT-->TRANSFORM-->SCALE. A box appears around the picture with tiny boxes at the corners and sides. Click, hold and drag on oneof the corner boxes while pressing the Shift key. Release the mouse when a desired size has been reached. Press Enter(PC) or Return(Mac). See screen shot.

9.) Re-postion with the Move tool if necessary.

10.) Select the Polygonal Lasso from the Toolbar. You may have to click and hold the Lasso icon to get to the Polygonal Lasso . Each time you click, the Polygonal Lasso creates a straight line. This tool will enable you to remove portions of the character picture that are outside the frame on the template. When you complete a trapazoidal figure it becomes a selection that can be deleted.

11.) Click the mouse, following the frame, to make a selection. You can complete the selection by double clicking or clicking once on top of the very first click. See screen shot.

12.) Press Delete. Repeat until those areas outside the frame are gone. See screen shot.

13.) Save as a Photoshop document under a different name.

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© 2001 Keith A. Paquette