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Part 1: The Card Construction

1.) Print out both sides of the template on photo quality paper. Let them dry well. Drying overnight sandwiched between clean, plain paper with a book on top will help to prevent smudging.

2.) Spray glue the blank side of the front template printout. Place the glued side onto a sheet of cardstock carefully, making sure not to get air bubbles or wrinkles. Place a clean sheet of paper over the printed side and rub to ensure a good bond. Let dry well.

3.) Using a sharp hobby knife and metal ruler, cut two adjoining sides. The right and bottom sides would be best because they are straight cuts.

4.) Cut the corresponding sides of the back template printout. Spray glue the blank side. Line up cut sides on both templates and follow the same instructions as in step B.

5.) Carefully use the hobby knife, ruler, and scissors to cut the rest of the card. If there is some chipping on the cut edges use a black marker to blacken dark sections.

Part 2: Attaching Bubble to Card

1.) If you're using a bubble pulled from a card, you must remove the paper. Soak the bubble in some water and rub the paper off with your finger.

2.) Any ink residue left can be removed with thinner, or lightly scraping with a hobby knife.

3.) Clean and dry the bubble. Apply tacky glue along edges. Spread glue with finger. Do not apply too much, it's not necessary.

4.) Place the figure on the card where it will be when the bubble is glued on (in the tray if you're using one). Place the bubble onto the card. You should not slide the bubble around after the glue has touched the card. Press the edge down all the way around. Let dry well.

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