Stanley Iron Works, Bridgewater

I started looking for local parks that might have something a little different to photograph and found this place just around the corner. It was a big-time iron factory at the turn of the century. Just about everything was torn down, remnants remain.

C-765 again. This is a pretty handy camera and the 10x came in handy. Would have liked a wider angle a few times but, I ran out of real-estate to back up.

Point Independence Yacht Club

JB invited me down for some fishing. It wasn’t cold but, the wind and the clouds made it feel like it was freezing. No fish were caught so, we went with Whitney to a local fish joint to eat afterwards.

C-765 again. Most came out pretty crisp. Anything I had to zoom in for blurred from the choppy water on the small fishing boat. The sky had a lot of texture but, not enough blue sky where I really wanted it.

Neighborhood: Bridgewater, MA

After taking some quick pictures Renee and Brian’s wedding last month, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood with my camera. Bridgewater is really just a normal suburban town but, there’s some nice views.

First camera walkabout with the C-765. Also had to get used to using new tools in Photoshop for photo editing since I hadn’t done too much of that before.

Renée and Brian Wedding Pictures

Brand spankin' new pictures from the wedding of Renee' Huffman and Brian Waite. The photos came out pretty well overall. Amazing what a good digital camera can do nowadays.


Earlier today I whipped this up for the ever boisterous Kevin Hayes who was looking for some decor. It's based on his original design a few years back. Someday it might be immortalized as a tattoo. Where on him? Perhaps the ass crack... or not.