Car Fire at Home Depot

I was on my way to work in the AM and spotted black smoke through the trees leading to this car fire at the Home Depot in Bridgewater, MA. I had to take the opportunity to get some fire fighting footage.

Hair Removal

When work is done, there is plenty of time for fun!

Oddball 2007

Here's a collection of miscellaneous photos taken that didn't really fit in the other albums.

A shot here or there adds up over time and this is what you get, a little bit of everything.

Comic Art Collection

New subsite added! My comicbook art collection is now online for all to view!

Car Accident

Yeah, so Edna wasn't looking when she pulled out into the street and smacked into the side of my Jeep. 180º later, I came to a stop. The Cherokee will need two new doors and a new rear axel. No injuries all around. See the pictures.