Keith Homestead

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Built in 1783 by Robert Keith, a Minuteman during the Revolutionary War, sits on Lake Nippenicket in Bridgewater, MA.

Providence City Hall Area

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Another show another walkabout. This time after the G.I. Joe Con at the Rhode Island Convention Center we walked over to the City Hall. I have to say if anybody needs footage of period buildings for a Hollywood movie they should come here. The architecture runs the gamut from of the 20th Century.

Seaport World Trade Center

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After Boston Comic Con we took a jaunt around the WTC and the Harbor Walk.


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Boston at Night

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Take a stroll around the city as the sun sets after attending the Boston Comic Con and get some really super lighting. Go up to the Prudential Center Skywalk and the views come alive.

South Boston: Black and White

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Some old Southie buildings on Necco Court seem to be made to be captured in B&W. The more modern city looks cool as well.

Summer Day in Boston

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You can see Fenway Park, from the Prudential Center Skywalk. Quite a nice view from up there. You can see that Boston is still an old city, not many skyscrapers or much “new” construction. It’s too bad the observation deck of the Hancock Tower never reopened after 9/11, it would be nice to have a different vantage point of an aerial type view.

Scituate Lighthouse

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In the year 1810 the U.S. Congress allocated $4000 to build a lighthouse at Scituate Harbor which was completed in 1811. In 1827, due to complaints from mariners, fifteen feet of height was added to the tower. The light was deactivated in 1860 with the construction of the new Minot’s Light to the north. In 1916 the town of Scituate purchased the lighthouse for $1000 from the federal government. Then in 1968 custody was given to the town historical society. In 1994 the light was relit for the first time in 134 years.

BSC Campus Walkabout

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Took a walk by the football stadium, up some Great Hill trails, and down some campus streets.

Fall River Boardwalk

Down to Fall River’s Battleship Cove to take some pictures before and after seeing Spider-Man 3. Good thing we stopped on the way back from the movie. That sunset was sweet after being overcast all day.

Little bit of everything today. Sunset, texture, depth of field, and animals.

Point Independence Yacht Club

JB invited me down for some fishing. It wasn’t cold but, the wind and the clouds made it feel like it was freezing. No fish were caught so, we went with Whitney to a local fish joint to eat afterwards.

C-765 again. Most came out pretty crisp. Anything I had to zoom in for blurred from the choppy water on the small fishing boat. The sky had a lot of texture but, not enough blue sky where I really wanted it.

Neighborhood: Bridgewater, MA

After taking some quick pictures Renee and Brian’s wedding last month, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood with my camera. Bridgewater is really just a normal suburban town but, there’s some nice views.

First camera walkabout with the C-765. Also had to get used to using new tools in Photoshop for photo editing since I hadn’t done too much of that before.