Bridgewater State College Cheerleaders 2009

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You can’t have college football without cheerleaders and dance teams.

Bridgewater State College Football 2009

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Three different games from September and October.

Bridgewater State College Spring Sports 2009

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Lacross, Softball, and Baseball are all represented in this album.

Bridgewater State College Autumn Sports 2008

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Bridgewater State College games are played right across the street from me. Free entry means plenty of photos for you. Football, field hockey, soccer, and one tennis pic for kicks.

Bridgewater State College Spring Sports 2008

Three days of sports photography from Bridgewater State College. You can check out the scores if you're really interested at

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April 15

Baseball & Softball - Mass. Maritime vs. BSC
Women's Lacrosse - Worcester State vs. BSC

April 19
Baseball & Softball - Westfield State vs. BSC

April 26
Baseball & Softball - MCLA vs. BSC
Women's Lacrosse - Plymouth State vs. BSC

Bridgewater State Baseball 2

Back again with JB for some more baseball fun. After almost two hours of not much happening in the game we walked away to see the other fields to see what was going on. Then came a succession of hits that we missed out on and could only hear from afar.

Did the same thing at this game as the last. I got a little more interested in capturing the feeling of the game rather than just the action. The players interacting and their expressions are important too.

Bridgewater State Baseball

The college athletic fields are right across the street from me and the baseball games are free to attend. I had not taken any action shots with my SP-510UZ before this. With the 10x zoom I could get in pretty close and the lens fit in-between the chain-link fence perfect.

Set the SP-510UZ to sport mode and you can zoom and shoot with one hand! Just had to time pressing the button right and got some super action shots.