Fire Eater

This photo received an honorable mention at It was taken at King Richard’s Faire earlier this year. The performer is Spike of Aerial Angels.

Boston at Night

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Take a stroll around the city as the sun sets after attending the Boston Comic Con and get some really super lighting. Go up to the Prudential Center Skywalk and the views come alive.

Eastern Screech Owl

This little guy took to sleeping in my parents' wisteria vine during the day this summer.

King Richard's Faire 2008

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Held on 80 acres in Carver MA since 1982, King Richard’s Faire is the largest and longest running Renaissance faire in New England. It runs for eight consecutive weekends from the first weekend in September through October. The recreated 16th village features a marketplace and ten stages of musicians, jugglers, mimes, gymnasts, and other performers. The king’s royal court also presides over contests of jousting knights at regular intervals as onlookers chow down on mead and giant turkey legs.

World's End

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This 251-acre coastscape in Hingham, MA includes rocky shores, broad hillsides, and open fields bracketed by woodlands. World’s End was once an island at high tide but colonial farmers dammed the salt marsh to grow hay and cleared trees for farmland. In the 1880s a Boston businessman, John Brewer built a farming estate and hired Frederick Law Olmsted to design a 163 house subdivision, the homes were never built and only carriage roads remain. In 1945 the site was considered for United Nations headquarters and in the 1960s was a potential location for a nuclear power plant.

South Boston: Black and White

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Some old Southie buildings on Necco Court seem to be made to be captured in B&W. The more modern city looks cool as well.

Summer Day in Boston

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You can see Fenway Park, from the Prudential Center Skywalk. Quite a nice view from up there. You can see that Boston is still an old city, not many skyscrapers or much “new” construction. It’s too bad the observation deck of the Hancock Tower never reopened after 9/11, it would be nice to have a different vantage point of an aerial type view.

Scituate Lighthouse

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In the year 1810 the U.S. Congress allocated $4000 to build a lighthouse at Scituate Harbor which was completed in 1811. In 1827, due to complaints from mariners, fifteen feet of height was added to the tower. The light was deactivated in 1860 with the construction of the new Minot’s Light to the north. In 1916 the town of Scituate purchased the lighthouse for $1000 from the federal government. Then in 1968 custody was given to the town historical society. In 1994 the light was relit for the first time in 134 years.

BSC Campus Walkabout

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Took a walk by the football stadium, up some Great Hill trails, and down some campus streets.

Stiles & Hart Conservation Park

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This 75-acre site was an agricultural fairground with a grand exhibition hall from 1820 to 1875 in Bridgewater, MA. In 1895 a local teacher, William Basset Sr., purchased the land and founded the Bridgewater Brick Company, mining clay and manufacturing bricks. In 1913 the Stiles & Hart Brick Company purchased the operation. Damage to buildings caused by a hurricane in 1938 forced brick production to cease but clay mining continued until after World War II. Now the site has grown in with forest, all structures are gone, and the only evidence of prior uses are piles of old bricks here and there throughout the site.

Bridgewater State College Spring Sports 2008

Three days of sports photography from Bridgewater State College. You can check out the scores if you're really interested at

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April 15

Baseball & Softball - Mass. Maritime vs. BSC
Women's Lacrosse - Worcester State vs. BSC

April 19
Baseball & Softball - Westfield State vs. BSC

April 26
Baseball & Softball - MCLA vs. BSC
Women's Lacrosse - Plymouth State vs. BSC

Oddball 2007

Here's a collection of miscellaneous photos taken that didn't really fit in the other albums.

A shot here or there adds up over time and this is what you get, a little bit of everything.