Sail Boston / Tall Ships 2012

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The tall ships return to Boston to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812, the last war fought under sail. I traveled to the Fish Pier and captured some images of:

  • Cisne Branco - 249-foot long full rigged tall ship of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Dewaruci - training vessel operated by the Indonesian Navy
  • Gloria - official flagship and training vessel of the Colombian Navy
  • Guayas - 257-foot long tall ship of Ecuador which trains and preps cadets

Check out the official website for more details.

Sail Boston 2009

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Click the picture for my photos of the event or visit the official Sail Boston website.

Point Independence Yacht Club

JB invited me down for some fishing. It wasn’t cold but, the wind and the clouds made it feel like it was freezing. No fish were caught so, we went with Whitney to a local fish joint to eat afterwards.

C-765 again. Most came out pretty crisp. Anything I had to zoom in for blurred from the choppy water on the small fishing boat. The sky had a lot of texture but, not enough blue sky where I really wanted it.