King Richard's Faire 2007

I’ve seen it advertised for a long time but, had never been to King Richard’s Faire. It’s fairly entertaining with acts from all over the country performing every two to three hours each day. Lots of medieval style stuff to buy. The jousting was the most impressive part of the day. Check out the performers: Aerial Angels, Paolo Garbanzo, and The Lost Boys.

Lots of shade so a few came out a little grainy. Had to zoom all the way and crop for the joust pictures. I wasn’t quick enough for much of the acrobatic stuff.

Norton Barbeque

Renee invited me over for a big BBQ at her new house. I met some new people and her family. I think there will be some new construction and renovation. I thought it was nice as-is, though there are some small rooms.

There’s always something interesting to photograph, even in a regular suburban backyard. Sometimes you have to wait for it to happen and sometimes you have to seek it out.

Massasoit State Park

I was expecting more from this park. There are ponds/lakes but, not much open land, it’s all forest right to the water line. Good amount bugs and loud people camping in close quarters. I might go back at a different time of year when it’s not so busy.

The extreme angle on the road may be my favorite in this group. Yellow flowers always look good to me. I also learned a Photoshop trick to darken the over exposed sky in the third picture.

Carver Pond, Bridgewater

I walked over to Carver Pond today. Tons of dragonflies and lilly pads. I saw one heron but, it was too far away to get a picture of before it flew away. I'll have to try again another day.

Nothing is better than puffy white clouds on a deep blue backdrop for landscapes. It almost looks fake sometimes.

Spring Flowers 2007

This is a mix of photos taken over the last month from all over the place. I found taking pictures of flowers to be one of the easiest things to photograph and most always look good. The risk/reward ratio is very good.

I enjoy macro photography the most right now. Getting in tight focus and making the bright colors really pop out is the best. I need to be faster to get more insects pollenating.

Fall River Boardwalk

Down to Fall River’s Battleship Cove to take some pictures before and after seeing Spider-Man 3. Good thing we stopped on the way back from the movie. That sunset was sweet after being overcast all day.

Little bit of everything today. Sunset, texture, depth of field, and animals.

Bridgewater State Baseball 2

Back again with JB for some more baseball fun. After almost two hours of not much happening in the game we walked away to see the other fields to see what was going on. Then came a succession of hits that we missed out on and could only hear from afar.

Did the same thing at this game as the last. I got a little more interested in capturing the feeling of the game rather than just the action. The players interacting and their expressions are important too.

Bridgewater State Baseball

The college athletic fields are right across the street from me and the baseball games are free to attend. I had not taken any action shots with my SP-510UZ before this. With the 10x zoom I could get in pretty close and the lens fit in-between the chain-link fence perfect.

Set the SP-510UZ to sport mode and you can zoom and shoot with one hand! Just had to time pressing the button right and got some super action shots.

Tuckerwood Conservation Area

This park is so well hidden in the middle of a neighborhood that I drove by the entrance twice. It looks like the driveway to somebody’s house in the front then becomes full on forest once you get in. Unfortunately, the day was overcast and nothing started growing yet besides moss and mushrooms.

More macro and texture shots. Not much else to say here.

Stanley Iron Works Revisited

Back for more here. This time with a new camera and JB joined me with his new DSLR too. Explored more of the leftover structures this time since the place hadn’t become overgrown yet.

New camera here, a SP-510UZ. It has a 10x zoom, more megepixels, and scene pre-sets. Macro works well to get a shorter depth of field in a few shots.